Grade 12

Your first semester in G12 you will be in Senior Seminar. This is a pass/fail class. You will focus on all things college as well as various life skills. Additionally, you will work on your resume and college essay.

If you intend on applying to colleges in the US, you will need to create accounts on above platforms. You will receive assistance with this during Senior Seminar. If you plan on applying to non US colleges, schedule a meeting with the Academic Coordinator. Each country has its own unique requirements. If applying to Thai colleges you will need to create a portfolio. The Academic Coordinator can help you with this.

Meet with a counselor about your college choices and, if you haven’t done so yet, download college applications. Create a master list or calendar that includes tests you’ll take and their fees, dates, and registration deadlines as well as college application due dates. 

Many seniors retake the SAT in the fall. Additional course work since your last test could help you boost your performance. Plus you already know what to expect on test day.

Early decision/early action or rolling admission applications as soon as possible. Colleges may require test scores and applications between Nov. 1 and Nov. 15 for early decision admission.